It’s 2072

In the break room of your office, you can get a clear look at the streets of Tokyo through the large glass window. It’s night and you’re working the late shift again, despite your protests against your boss. Looking down at the streets of Tokyo always brings you to a specific mental state. The bright neon glow, that is deep-rooted in the city all the way back to the early 1980’s, still, makes itself known. Below you can see bright advertisements, filthy gray buildings and sidewalks, and the city’s population going about their daily lives. Despite the shortcomings of living in 2072, you can still find peace as you gaze at the city’s skyline. The skyscrapers work together to form a pleasing mesh of carefully designed architectural wonders. Yet, your mind still evokes images of the strife and terror brought to the world by mega corporations.

A chime rings out from your commlink.

It’s time to go back to work.

What to expect?

This campaign will be a bit harsh and unforgiving at times, this is something I will assure you. However, I will do everything in my power to keep it from feeling unfair. I’m going out of my way to make an interesting and in-depth storyline as well as keeping room for player freedom. Hopefully I’ll even be able to surprise you every now and then. Expect a big finale to this one.

Keep your eyes on the Adventure Log

The adventure log is going to serve as a tool for me to give information to you about the world you’re in addition to giving some hints as to what the big picture to this story is.

Operation Hephaestus

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